The Science of Reading

IT PAYS TO READ. I was not always a fan of pocketbooks, newspapers, much more textbooks. But my aunt used to write in her letters, READ THESE…

In my gradeschool days, I bought a short story book but I never finished reading it. Some words are difficult for me to understand. I tried reading a dictionary hoping it would expand my vocabulary, so would my aunt say, but i can’t finish reading one page. My eyes would be heavy from looking at the words that seemed so small and reading out loud won’t help. I don’t even know the correct pronunciation of these words much more memorize its meaning and spelling so I just simply STOPPED.

Each year, she would bring home pocketbooks of all sorts from romance to science fiction and of course, the popular, Reader’s Digest magazines. It’s cheap in the States, she adds. And I remember in her letters she would always insert newspaper clippings of what she read like about health updates. I find it weird in a way instead of inserting cash for example or pictures, we would find those. I don’t read them although I was told by my mother and sister what it was all about.

I’d rather play with my treasured toys or watch my favorite t.v. channels. Why read when I can see people and places on tv with colors and sounds? Why use my imagination reading fictional books or educational books when I can do other things? Well, if it was a comic magazine or showbiz magazine, definitely I have time, stories are short and simple and with lots of pictures.

But times have changed. If only I had trained myself reading books, I would have learned how to read fast and probably have a better understanding. It could have been beneficial in my college days when we were asked to read chapters and chapters from textbooks in an hour or two. It could have been an advantage if I were to take an English Proficiency Test as it has a reading section.

Nevertheless, I have embraced the science of reading when I was working. Just to pass time, I thought. Eventually, with the first novel that I have read and finished reading willingly, Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress, I fell in love with reading itself. I won’t buy books as it’s impractical for me and I won’t read the same book twice, so my friends would lend me theirs. And this was the start of my reading escapades. As long as I don’t have work, I read and read.

And so, I encourage you as well, reading won’t just bring you in another world of love, thrill or grief as it keeps your emotions checked but it will open doors and windows of wisdom and information. READ VARIETIES OF READING MATERIALS, whatever is convenient and accessible to you. READ FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES, published or researched, posted, etc.By whatever means, open yours eyes and read. There are a lot to read everywhere. Don’t be a victim of ignorance as IT ALWAYS PAY TO READ.



had thoughts in writing. have the will to write NOW.

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